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The Young Adult (18-25) Ministry of Harvest Christian Centre in Park Hills, MO

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Our Desire for Gen-Z

Hearts Awakened to the Beauty of Jesus

Religious Complacency replaced with Burning Hearts

Passion for God & Compassion for People

Transformed into Men & Women of Prayer, Intercession, and The Word

Embracing worship as ministry unto the Lord

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We begin our worship services with a humbling reminder...worship isn't for us. We worship with purposeful intention that worship is ministry unto the Lord. It is for Him, to Him, to bless Him. We bless the Lord corporately through songs and acts of worship.

We host community-wide young adult worship services once per month. Checkout our Facebook for upcoming events:


We believe in the power of God to transform our hearts and minds through the internalization of His word. We meet every Wednesday to dive into the Bible, explore relevant topics, and sharpen each other's lives in light of God's word. 

Our MDWK gatherings are held every Wednesday at 7pm at Harvest Christian Centre

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It's not enough to minister to the Lord and allow our hearts to receive His ministry...we're charged by God to minister outwardly to the world around us, to build and share the Kingdom of God. We actively seek opportunities to serve, volunteer, and fundraise for underserved groups in our community.

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